Work with us


With 5 different kind of collaborations, we do our best to give everyone a chance to make this partnership a success:
- B2B access
- B2C access
- Network
- XML integration
- White Label

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Book hotels on-line


Today, with 100’000 hotels available including 15’000 direct contracts, AIC HOTELS is a vital global point of reference for individual room reservations in the world.

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Additional services


Mainly use for hotel reservations, it also permits to enjoy a lot of touristic services that you can add to your hotel booking and realize packages for your clients:
- Flights
- Transfers
- Rental
- City tours
- Visa support
 and much more...


XML integration


Integrate AIC XML solution to your on-line portefolio is the perfect way to offer your clients a larger choice of products and availability worldwide.
Results are entirely adaptable to the interface and design of your booking system.

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