We are working within the travel trade market for almost 15 years
Throughout this time we became an inescapable reference for quality online hotel distribution.

Our main mission is twofold:

– providing to the travel trade, in the most accurate way, a wide range of offers at competitive NET prices

– distributing the hotels we work with to our clients worldwide by respecting their values and expectations with the sole objective of increasing their revenues and filling their rooms

This everyday mission is accomplished thanks to our booking system – – which is developed by our in-house technology company – NetStorming.
Innovative technology approach is the starting point of collaboration with our clients.

After all these years of efforts and continuous improvements, we're proud to say that our platform is known on a worldwide scale.
According to the thousands of companies using it on a daily basis – it is among the best working tools for the travel trade.

Distributing hotels worldwide (portfolio of almost 200 000 properties) is our core business but we also provide the possibility to book many different products/services like:
flights (regular & low cost companies), car hire, boat hire, transfers, city tours, attraction tickets and our coming-soon opportunities – cruises!

The concept is quite simple: bringing all travel services in one place.

We owe our success to the trust and confidence of our clients who do know that they can always count on our professionalism.

Welcome in our world…

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