Technologies and XML

Where collaboration creates connections
AIC partnership lets you choose between different sets of services

Management of all
Main tourist services

By choosing AIC TOWeRS platform, clients can manage and sell both direct contracts and XML: hotels, transfers, tours, sightseeings, excursions, apartments, car rental, yacht and sailing, insurance, tourist tickets, trains and flights.

Buy and sell interfaces
(B2B, Network, White label)

The powerful back-end system allows the implementation of multiple interfaces for both buying and selling travel porducts, including B2B websites, the integration with leading payment gateways and major Tour Operators’ web services creation of the easily distributable White Labels.

Integration with
accounting management system

Allows the integration and communication with major accounting softwares (MIDA, SIAP, AVES, IDEAL), avoiding the lenghty and costly manual entry of reservations’' accounting details.

XML integration

Allows the integration of the clients’ products into third parties platforms or import the suppliers’ products directly into the clients’ online booking system. Because B2B travel trade goes hand in hand with technology developments and reliable performance.

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