Privacy Policy

General information

This Privacy Policy is applicable to AIC TRAVEL GROUP SA (called hereafter « AIC GROUP » or « we », « our ») with regard to the way AIC GROUP collects, processes, uses and stores clients’ personal data.

AIC GROUP is a travel wholesaler (B2B). We only work with professional compagnies in touristic world (called hereafter « our partners »), excluding final clients. As such, we are a data processor and cannot be considered as a data controller.

Only our partners working with final clients (B2C) can be considered as data controllers.

The Company NetStorming Srl, located via Vincenzo Brunacci, 9b, 30175, Venice (Italy), is managing our IT Department and has access to final clients’ information.

How we collect and process personal data and what information we collect about final clients

In order to proceed with our partners’ bookings, we are required to collect and process some personal information about final clients. This information is communicated by our partners when they book a service through our website.

The data we collect and process about final clients includes data pertaining to their identity (first name, surname, date of birth).

How we use and share final clients’ personal data

AIC GROUP uses final clients’ personal data to carry out its business, in particular to proceed with the services booked on its website by its partners.

The personal data of final clients we collect and process is transferred automatically to the company in charge of the service booked, including the following ones:

  • Hotels.
  • Airline company.
  • Transfer company.
  • Rental company.

We use XML interfaces to connect with other wholesalers. When you book a service on our website, it means that you agree to outsource final clients’ data processing to us and to other wholesalers. As our B2C partners, you have to obtain consent from final clients. As our B2B partners, you have to obtain consent from your B2C partners.

If a partner books a service in a foreign state, final clients’ data might be transferred abroad. Moreover, our XML interfaces might involve other foreign wholesalers which will have access to final clients’ data too. In both cases, these transfers are necessary and in direct relationship with the execution of the contract between the final client and the data controller (B2C).

How we protect personal data of final clients

Information about final clients will, in all circumstances, be processed by AIC GROUP using the required standards of care and attention. We use technical and organisational resources sufficient to prevent, as far as reasonably possible, the loss, theft, or deterioration of final clients’ personal data.

All data shared will be transferred by us using the required standards of care and taking all reasonable precautions against the risk of loss. When transferring personal data abroad, we provide an appropriate safety and protection level, in accordance with the principles set by the FADP and European general data protection regulation.

All our staff is appropriately trained and committed to respecting this Privacy Policy when processing your personal data.

Data Breach management

In case of data breach, we will immediately take all necessary measures and inform the partner who provided us the data. In this case, we will provide all the required information about the data breach to this partner.

How long we retain personal data of final clients

We retain personal data of final clients as long as AIC GROUP is subject to relevant data retention obligations under Swiss or European law or for as long as this information is necessary in relation to any potential judicial proceedings arising out of the performance of any contractual obligations.

Rights of final clients

At any given time, while we are in possession of information about them, final clients have the following rights:

  • To be informed about our collect of their personal data.
  • To be informed about the origin of the personal data we collect about them.
  • To access their personal data, including obtaining a copy thereof.
  • To correct their personal data if it is not accurate or complete.
  • To delete their personal data, subject to some conditions.
  • To withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data (provided that the processing is based on their consent).
  • To copy their personal data electronically or in an easily readable and commonly used format.
  • To set limits on the processing of their personal data, subject to some conditions.
  • To object to the processing of their personal data, subject to some conditions.
  • To oppose that we take decisions based on an automatic processing of their personal data, subject to some conditions.
  • To lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Data protection

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to AIC GROUP and the protection of final clients’ personal data is a priority for us when carrying out our obligations. We commit to respect this personal information when our partners request our services, as well as any personal data of which we may become aware during the course of our activities. We strive to ensure that personal data of final clients is accurate and up to date.

The information is collected and processed in accordance with Swiss data protection laws, in particular the Federal Act on Data Protection of June 19, 1992 (“FADP”) (to be replaced by the new Federal Act on Data Protection of September 25, 2020, which has not come into effect yet).

Moreover, we are in accordance with European general data protection regulation.


For any queries regarding how personal data is processed (or if you wish to exercise any of your rights as a final client), please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer:

Mr. Aurel Steinmann
Rue Robert-de-Traz 1, 1206 Genève
022 342 71 60

Changes to the Privacy Policy

 Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this webpage. Please check back frequently to see any such changes. Last update on Dicember 16th 2022.